Ed Thomas, George Karl Honored at ESPY Awards, Inspire Sports Fans


July 15, 2010

Ed Thomas, George Karl Honored at ESPY Awards, Inspire Sports Fans When most of us tuned into the ESPY Awards on Wednesday night, it was because nothing else was on TV. We were hoping to get in some star-gazing, have a few laughs and call it a night. Anyone who watched got much, much more.

The family of Ed Thomas, the former Iowa high school football coach who was killed by former player Mark Becker last year, was on hand to accept the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. The moving story recounted how the Thomas family, in its own stage of grieving after Ed's death, reached out to the family of the young man who shot the coach and preached for the small community to forgive and support the Becker family.

It was more than most people had bargained for when they tuned in, but it's a story they'll never forget.

Later, Nuggets coach George Karl was honored with the perseverance award, which is named for Jim Valvano. Karl has battled throat and neck cancer over the past year, and the treatment has been downright brutal. Still, his courage and desire to return to his team remained a priority, and he used his time on center stage to help raise money for more cancer research.

They always say the day after the All-Star Game is the worst day in sports, but thanks to the inspiring stories of Ed Thomas and George Karl, that was simply untrue this year.

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Ed Thomas, George Karl Honored at ESPY Awards, Inspire Sports Fans

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"Playing another year probably isn't going to make a difference. The damage has already been done."
–Brett Favre, in a magazine interview, on whether he's worried about the physical toll of another NFL season

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Hey, John Swaroff of Lincoln, Neb., tell us how you really feel.

"I think Adam Morrison is one of the best College Basketball Players of All-time. He will probably be the NBA Comeback Player of the Year and be a long-time NBA All-Star. Also the KC Chiefs sucks."
–John Swaroff Lincoln, NE

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… And Bill Belichick raves, "It's hilarious!" Peyton Manning and Sandra Bullock star in The Dark Side.

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