Mario Lopez Looks Like Danny Devito Next to Quinton Aaron in Celebrity Softball Game


Mario Lopez Looks Like Danny Devito Next to Quinton Aaron in Celebrity Softball Game Now that Major League Baseball is on its All-Star break, we can start to enjoy the random events in the prologue to the Midsummer Classic. While the Home Run Derby is the centerpiece of the festivities, the celebrity softball game is the hidden gem.

Everybody’s favorite Boston fan, Maria Menounos participated in the game on Sunday, as did the likes of Jennie Finch, Marissa Miller, Guy Fieri, Michael Clark Duncan, MC Hammer, Andy Richter, Tim Salmon, Chuck Finley, Ozzie Smith and Bo Jackson.

Perhaps the two funniest players, though, were former Saved By the Bell star, Fox News reporter and current America’s Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez and Blindside star Quinton Aaron. Aaron, doing his best “if CC Sabathia ate Marissa Miller” immitation, makes Mario Lopez look like Sly Stallone or Tom Cruise. While both of those actors are actually under 5-foot-8, Lopez stands a fair 5-foot-10, which just happens to be a foot shorter than Aaron.

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Mario Lopez Looks Like Danny Devito Next to Quinton Aaron in Celebrity Softball Game

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“I’m ready for a suit off anyday.”
–Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian‘s boyfriend, male model and Christian Bale doppelganger, on Chad Ochocinco‘s challenge to a “suit off”

Comment of the Day

Referee Howard Webb doled out 14 yellow cards in Sunday’s World Cup final, but many think that the Dutch deserved even more than that.

“The only reason that the Dutch lost this game because they didn’t take advantage of thier chances. They had multiple chances to put the ball behing Casillas, but either couldn’t or didn’t. Every time you let a good team hang around, it comes back to bite you on the butt!! If Webb had called a foul on Robbens breakaway the Dutch would have screamed that it should have been and “advantage” call. Refs can’t win. Why is no one mentioning that the Dutch caught a trememdous break when De Jong wasn’t sent off for a blatant dangerous play? Johan is absolutely correct that the Dutch should have been playing with 9 men after the first 20 minutes. Netherlands deserved to lose and they did, simple as that. Having said that, overall Blatter should be throughly disgusted with his whole officiating crew. He won’t be, though.”
–Ken H

Video of the Day

Now that the “Three Kings” or “Miami Thrice” have “taken their talents to South Beach”, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James are getting to talk about their “sudden decision” to team up. Wearing ’70s Monday Night Football style suits, the trio sat down with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols to discuss their plans for the season. Bosh thinks most of the reports “haven’t been good,” and Wade is disturbed by “statistics being there” in the world.


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