The game of basketball is being played Rajon Rondo’s way. Literally.

Red Bull has announced the Rajon Rondo 2-on-2 Basketball Tournament. It will be held in various cities — including Boston on Saturday — and will include 32 teams. The tournament also will also visit New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. The winner takes home $2,000.

Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, everything is the same, except how points are scored. Rondo made up the rules himself, and every game will be scored according to these parameters:

  • Two points for a made basket
  • Three points for dunking on an opponent’s head
  • Three points for blocking a dunk or pinning a shot on the backboard
  • Three points for making a defender fall
  • Three points for stripping the ball from the offensive player

There are no points for free throws (which makes sense given Rondo’s 63 percent career free-throw shooting average) or assists (which makes a little less sense).

For more information or if you think you have what it takes, visit the Red Bull 2-on-2 Revolution site .