Sammy Morris Teaching Kids What It's Like to Be a Patriot Sammy Morris
never had the chance to attend a summer football camp with an NFL player when he was growing up in Texas, but now that he’s a member of the New England Patriots, he’s giving kids in his home state and his new state that opportunity.

Morris, who is entering his fourth season with the Patriots, is holding his camp this week in Foxboro. At the end of June, he and former Redskins linebacker Devin Lemons held a camp in Lubbock, Texas. Both camps were open to the general public.

“I really like helping out kids and teaching football — just whatever knowledge I can pass on,” Morris told NESN’s Kathryn Tappen. “A lot of the drills that we do here are things that we’ve taken right out of our offseason program.”

Morris said he may enter the world of coaching once his NFL career is over, so these camps are important — both for the kids and himself.

“We’re just really trying to teach them some drills to get quicker and faster, and at the same time, build their mental toughness of working through [it] when you’re tired,” Morris said in early July. “A lot goes into making you a good football player.”

See Morris’ teaching in action in the video below, and for more information on the camp, visit