Terrell Owens Plays Second Fiddle to Chad Ochocinco in Reality Show Ratings


Terrell Owens Plays Second Fiddle to Chad Ochocinco in Reality Show Ratings Chad Ochocinco
and Terrell Owens aren't competing against each other on the football field anymore after joining forces in Cincinnati. But their back-to-back reality shows on VH1 are up against each other in the ratings, with Ochocinco's coming out on top.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, VH1's latest ratings showed Ochocinco's reality show, The Ultimate Catch, scored 844,000 viewers, while Owens' The T.O. Show trailed with 733,000.

The T.O. Show follows the offseason exploits of Owens as he deals with his friendships, relationships and football career. The Ultimate Catch revolves around Ochocinco looking for love among a group of 85 women all vying for his affection.

Owens has never been one to shy away from being the center of attention, on or off the field, but perhaps he will have to get used to playing second fiddle to Ochocinco in more than just his TV ratings.

Ochocinco is known for his "what-will-he-do-next?" persona as much as he is for his football talent. Refusing to play by the rules, he even has a $100,000 fund set aside to pay NFL fines.

Owens has tended to be a distraction and liability to his teams in the past, but now he's joining one who, thanks to Ochocinco, has seen it all when it comes to stunts. The Bengals already have gotten used to having an outspoken superstar in the locker room, so not much can disturb their focus.

Hopefully for them, not even T.O.

In other news, Tony Hawk gains some perspective, Bill Simmons dishes parenting advice (sort of) and Carlos Zambrano follows doctor's orders.

"Chad's enough. If Chad can't disrupt this team, I don't think T.O. can."
–Bengals receiver Andre Caldwell, on ESPN.com, regarding Terrell Owens joining the team

"Unfortunate things happen."
–Louisville coach Rick Pitino, testifying about a sexual encounter he shared with a woman accused of extorting him for money to keep the incident quiet

"Imagine if you go there to see Miss Universe, and you end up having Miss Iowa."
–Miguel Batista, to the AP, explaining why fans booed him when he pitched in lieu of injured phenom Stephen Strasburg

"I will no longer take walking for granted."
–Tony Hawk, via Twitter, after suffering a sheared pelvis and hematoma in a skateboarding trick gone wrong

"It's like you are killing the goose that lays the golden egg. I'm 30. As an athlete, I am not the future of China basketball anymore."
–Yao Ming, to the AP, criticizing China for concentrating on the Olympics instead of its national basketball team

"If your kids root for teams you hate, that means you've failed as a parent and you probably should just give the kids away and try again."
–Bill Simmons, on ESPN.com, in response to a reader asking what he would do if his children became Lakers fans

"His elbows are sharp, he's knees are sharp, his fists are sharp. He's going to hurt me really bad on August 7. But I'm confident I can deal with the pain, walk through it, go to the hospital that night and leave with the championship belt anyway."
–Chael Sonnen, on mmafighting.com, about fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 117

"I apologize to the people I've irritated."
–Bills defensive end/linebacker Aaron Schobel, in USA Today, on his uncertain future in the NFL

"He wants to concentrate on football. We're going to let him concentrate on football. But when we go out to eat, I'm gonna be a little bit more hungry and a little bit more thirsty."
–Roy Williams, on ESPN.com, reacting to Dez Bryant's refusal to carry his pads after training camp practice

"Thank God the Cubs have sent me to the doctor for anger management. I've had three sessions already … doing exercises. I have to write down every time I get mad."
–Carlos Zambrano, on ESPN.com, talking about the steps he's taken to get back to MLB following a tirade in the Cubs' dugout last month

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