What’s Your Favorite Jerry Remy Moment?


July 25, 2010

What's Your Favorite Jerry Remy Moment? With Jerry Remy signing a contract extension this week and celebrating his 3000th broadcast on Sunday, it's appropriate to look back at some of his greatest moments of all time.

The "Air Guitar Fall" must be one of his greatest moves. Remy could barely keep a straight face during the pregame show as he had just fallen off of a table doing his best Risky Business impression. He subsequently acknowledged that he's probably not destined for a Dancing With the Stars appearance.

The "Pizza Throw" moment also has to be considered among his best. After a foul ball fell in the first row of the stands, a nearby fan attempted to throw his fresh slice of pizza at the man closest to the ball, likely to punish him for interfering with play. Instead, he hit an innocent bystander. After the culprit was ejected, Remy remarked that the slice looked appetizing.

One of Remy's finest achievements, though, has been receiving the honor of best dressed announcing team in the AL along with Don Orsillo. While the team was actually ranked fourth overall behind three NL crews, that didn't stop Jerry from exclaiming, "We're number one in the AL!"

So, which was Jerry's best moment? If you think it was the air guitar fall, text "SOX1" to 542542. If you prefer the pizza throw, text "SOX2" to 542542. If you liked "We're number one in the AL!" the best, text "SOX3" to 542542.

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