Will Ferrell Tees Up Advice on Increasing Driving Distance


This past weekend, Louis Oosthuizen won the British Open largely on the strength of his driver. He consistently crushed the ball 320 yards down the fairway, allowing him to use short irons or wedges while his competitors had to pick longer clubs for the same shot.

While Oosthuizen has yet to give away his driving secrets, actor Will Ferrell recently shared his idea on the topic.

Having played a youth soccer coach, NASCAR driver, Olympic figure skater, and semi-professional basketball player, as well as producing baseball show Eastbound and Down and being an avid USC football fan, Ferrell is no stranger to sports, but he has yet to tackle golf until now.

Ferrell’s advice on hitting drives was simple: “Go out onto the course two hours early and place balls 300 yards from the tee.”

The viral video was meant to be a promotion for the Cancer for College Golf Tournament, but Ferrell fans can’t rule out the possibility of a full-fledged golf movie in the future.

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