Albert Haynesworth Finally on Same Fitness Level as 61-Year-Old

Albert Haynesworth Finally on Same Fitness Level as 61-Year-Old
In the case of Albert Haynesworth, better late than never.

The Redskins' defensive tackle finally passed his routine conditioning test Saturday morning, allowing him to participate in practice.

It's about time.

His failure to pass the test has made Haynesworth the object of some ridicule, but that's to be expected when you're an NFL player making $100 million and can't pass a conditioning test that a 61-year-old journalist can.

The test (two timed 300-yard runs with 3 1/2 minutes of rest in between them) combined with an aching knee had kept Haynesworth from practicing.

Haynesworth has been in the D.C. news all summer with the conditioning test fiasco while being disgruntled about possible changes in Redskins defensive schemes.

Hard to imagine with the additions of new head coach Mike Shanahan and quarterback Donovan McNabb this offseason, it's Haynesworth stealing the spotlight.

No word on whether or not Haynesworth was pulled by a trainer for the entire test.

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Albert Haynesworth Finally on Same Fitness Level as 61-Year-Old  

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