Bear Bryant Cloud Brings Divine Expectations to Alabama Football


Bear Bryant Cloud Brings Divine Expectations to Alabama FootballAlabama football fans are crazy.

I’m sorry — crazy for football. And petty officer Neil Eubanks‘ now-famous image is just the latest piece of evidence.

Eubanks sent a photo to ABC 33/44 in Alabama, of the “Bear Bryant Cloud,” getting Tide fans plenty more reason to start talking title.

He writes:

“My name is Neil Eubanks, I used to live in Hokes Bluff Alabama, but now I work for the U.S. Coast Guard in Jacksonville Florida. The picture I have attached is of a cloud that appeared here in Jacksonville last month while I was on duty attending to evening colors. The cloud has a likeness of the late Coach Paul ‘Bear’ Bryant wearing his traditional hounds tooth hat. I am an Univ. of Alabama football fan and thought I would share this photo with you so you may share it with others on your blog or evening news cast.”

Here’s a question for you Bama fans: What was Bear doing in Gator country?

One commenter thinks it looks like “Abe Lincoln on a personal watercraft,” while another calls it “my dad on his lawnmower.”

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Bear Bryant Cloud Brings Divine Expectations to Alabama Football

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Ken Costlow


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