Chad Ochocinco, Max Starks Already Locked in Trash Talking Battle


August 5, 2010

Chad Ochocinco and the Pittsburgh Steelers are already jawing back and forth.

On his televised dating show, The Ultimate Catch, Ochocinco remarked, "Man, I haven't seen this many girls on a football field since the last time we played the Steelers."

This didn?t sit well with the rival Steelers, and especially starting left tackle Max Starks. The locker room leader responded with a warning.

"That right there said enough for me, and I wish I played defense at that moment," Starks said on ESPN Radio. "But you know what, I got a bunch of guys that?s going to be in these dorm rooms later that will be more than happy to take up that challenge for me. Chad is who he is and he always has his frequent sayings. But some things you just don't say."

Always one to have the last word, Ochocinco quickly responded. After practice ended on Wednesday, reporters asked the outspoken wideout what he thought about Starks? comments.

"Who gives a [expletive] about the Steelers?" Ochocinco retorted before signing autographs.

While the Steelers and Bengals can?t battle until Nov. 8, the war of words has already begun.

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