Chad Ochocinco’s ‘Ultimate Catch’ Poised to Supplant ‘The Bachelorette’ as Top Dating Show


Chad Ochocinco's 'Ultimate Catch' Poised to Supplant 'The Bachelorette' as Top Dating Show
Now that Ali Fedotowsky has picked Roberto Martinez as the winner of The Bachelorette, the world can turn it’s attention to the next dating show nearing its climax — Chad Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

We can only hope that Terrell Owens‘ and Ochocinco’s partnership on the Bengals will be as surreal as their partnership on VH1.

The receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson eliminated 69 suitors on the first episode after starting with — of course — 85 ladies. This decision was primarily made by making the contestants do football drills while wearing some classy powder-puff outfits. Receiver Bernard Berrian led the workout.

Since, Chad has been working his way through a seeded bracket tournament, with the Elite 8 almost set. He’s also been doing all of the dating show staples: a trip to Vegas, wanting to see the girls’ “real personalities,” and wanting to see everybody’s “wild side.” The favorite has to be Rubi, Chad’s No.1 seed.

Just five episodes remain until Ochocinco has found true love.

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Chad Ochocinco's 'Ultimate Catch' Poised to Supplant 'The Bachelorette' as Top Dating Show

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“It was a strange one, for sure. Sixth inning, I kind of
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Mike Cameron‘s move to the DL has lead to mixed feelings about his role on the team.

“Have some
respect for Mike Cameron. The guy has been playing hurt since training
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wasnt for the massive injury bug that plagued the sox. He played through
the immense pain of a sports hernia for the sox because we needed him.
Give the guy some respect he poured his heart out for the organization
and he has helped. if he wasnt injured you would respect the great
player he is. He is a true baseball player unlike some others who have a
tight hamstring and back out of a game 5 minutes before(Drew). Mike
Cameron im hoping will be back HEALTHY next year”


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“Legendary Shots” claims that their 220-foot bucket off of the Vulcan Tower in Birmingham, Ala. has surpassed the hurl by Dude Perfect for longest made basket of all time.

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