Chris Bosh’s Cameo Means Entire NBA Lineup Could Be Fielded By ‘Entourage’ Guests


Aug 16, 2010

Chris Bosh's Cameo Means Entire NBA Lineup Could Be Fielded By 'Entourage' GuestsEntourage features so many cameos that you often have no clue they even happened. 

Apparently, Boston College alum and current Los Angeles Clipper Craig Smith made an appearance this season, but how many people would even recognize Smith if he was sitting at a nearby table at a restaurant?

Even Olympic record-holder Michael Phelps, whose entire role was bumping into Eric Murphy walking down a street, went under the radar.

Chris Bosh, though, is about as easy to recognize as they come as there just aren't many seven-footers with gaunt facial structure and signature dreads. Plus, he's managed to find himself in the news this summer due to a certain super-team creation on South Beach.

Bosh, attending Vincent Chase's house party, is annoyed that there is no vodka at the event, and offers a grand for some.

Then, he's gone.

Now in the seventh season, the list of Entourage athlete cameos is now longer than the list of 2010 NBA free agents was.

Boxers Lennox Lewis, Vitali Klitschko and Mike Tyson have all appeared, as has MMA star Chuck Liddell. Baseball has been represented by — oddly enough — only Jim Edmonds. Adrian Peterson sold his dinosaur skeleton to Chase, and Tom Brady appeared for an entire round of golf. Phil Mickelson, too, was featured in an entire episode on the links.

The NBA, though, could field an entire starting five with Entourage cameos. Bosh would play center, Steve Nash would be point guard, and LeBron James could be an oversized shooting guard. Lamar Odom could be small forward, and Smith could round out the lineup at the four.

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Chris Bosh's Cameo Means Entire NBA Lineup Could Be Fielded By 'Entourage' Guests

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"I saw an opening, so I went to go get it and thankfully got in there."
Tim Tebow, humble as always about his first NFL TD

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At least the Red Sox are coming back to Fenway.

"One thing people are forgetting is the schedule. The Sox still have six games versus each of the teams ahead of them in the division. Is it realistic that they sweep? No. Is it realistic that they can take 4 of 6 and gain a two games in the process? Sure…Winning 8 of 12 against these two teams could happen. The other part of the equation is the number of games versus teams that they typically dominate. Toronto, LA, Baltimore combine for 15 of their remaining games. Can we take 10 – 12 of 15? Let's just say they'll need to unless they plan on sweeping the Rays and Yankees. Other teams in the fold are Seattle and Oakland that could roll over and play dead. 

In the end, don't count the Sox out just yet. Yes the next home stand is important, but their schedule is only one third of the equation. New York and TB have 40+ games remaining as well. 

Go Sox!"


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Dwyane Wade may not have been on Entourage yet, but he can reject small children.

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