Eli Manning, Francisco Rodriguez Keep Self-Inflicted Injury Streak Alive in New York


Aug 17, 2010

Eli Manning, Francisco Rodriguez Keep Self-Inflicted Injury Streak Alive in New York In addition to being the year of pitching and the no-hitter, 2010 has also has been the year of the freak injury.

Kendry Morales‘ season-ending leg injury celebrating a walk-off grand slam set the trend in motion. Then, Chris Coghlan of the Marlins attempted to give teammate Wes Helms the traditional shaving cream pie after a similarly dramatic win, but in doing so, he sent himself to the DL with a leg injury.

In the wake of the accident, A.J. Burnett tempted fate, saying that he would not change his pie-throwing habits because of what had happened to Coghlan.

All of the sudden, New York athletes seem to be cursed.

While they are not incurring celebration injuries, Big Apple stars are finding other ways to cause self-inflicted wounds.

On Monday Night Football, Eli Manning found himself with a three-inch gash on his forehead after he attempted to run a pass play when the rest of his offense was executing a run. A collision with Brandon Jacobs in the backfield caused him to get popped from behind by Calvin Pace. The hit caused his helmet to go flying off before he smashed his head against Jim Leonard‘s facemask.

“The play was my fault,” Manning explained. “We had a run play with an option to throw a fade that I thought I might try, but Brandon was coming right up the middle. Sometimes you make a mistake and you get hit in the head.”

Manning, though, will be fine.

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez, on the other hand, won’t be.

After a verbal altercation with girlfriend Dalan Pena after last Wednesday’s game, he assaulted her father, Carlos Pena and was subsequently arrested.

Now, it appears that K-Rod is not only done for the season with torn ligaments in his thumb, but that the Mets may even void the final year of his $37 million deal.

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Eli Manning, Francisco Rodriguez Keep Self-Inflicted Injury Streak Alive in New York

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“The media’s view on pot is a joke. Prohibition on marijuana is a joke. I am a university graduate with a successful career and have been smoking pot casually since I was 15. Go to Vancouver or LA, you will find many ambitious and successful professionals that smoke pot and are still focused on their careers and families. If you’re a loser, pot is not going to make you more of a loser, nor will it ruin you if you’re a focused individual in life. ”

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