Glen Coffee Will Be Back, If We've Learned Anything From Celebrities Glen Coffee
inexplicably retired at the age of 23 on Friday, but he’s far from alone in doing so. Just think about all of the others who retired too young. The common thread: nobody stays retired.

The kings of random retirements are unquestionably rappers. As Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z have shown us, rappers can really have careers that last 20-plus years, maybe longer. So many, though, call it quits early.

Jay-Z, much like Michael Jordan, had a random interlude in his career when he retired after “The Black Album.” Just as Jordan turned to another part of the world of professional sports, Jay-Z took his talents to to another aspect of hip hop as a producer. Of course, he was back about a year later. DMX and Eminem also “retired” for periods during their careers.

Ma$e, however, had the best fake rap retirement. At the peak of his powers as the successor to Notorious B.I.G.‘s Bad Boy Records throne, Ma$e retired at the age of 21 — two years younger than Coffee. His leave as a minister lasted considerably longer than those of his compatriots. He took a whole five years off of rap before making his triumphant return.

Pop singers have a way of taking extended leaves of absence too. Sometimes, such as in the case of Kelly Osbourne, the public doesn’t exactly miss their music. Look forward to her new album later this year. In the case of Whitney Houston, her quasi-retirement from 2003-09 was actually a loss for the music industry.

The most tragic retirement: Sean Connery‘s.  Apparently, Connery read the script for Lord of the Rings and was offered the role of Gandalf. He didn’t understand the movie, so he instead opted to make The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The result? The movie was so bad that he decided to retire … but just imagine what could have been if he had played Gandalf.

And then there’s Ricky Williams. So, if we can learn anything from these other retirees, Coffee will be back.

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Glen Coffee Will Be Back, If We've Learned Anything From Celebrities

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“It is a great inspiration for people to see someone at his age still at the top of his game — acting, writing, directing, doing his own stunts and fight scenes — I mean, what an amazing talent. And for him to still be so athletic and be able to rip off his shirt and have a six-pack is just unbelievable.”
–California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Expendables co-star Sylvester Stallone

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Some people feel like the statistical revolution in sports has allowed those who don’t really get it to sound smart.

“I always
said it’s easy to read and report stats especially with the net we have
today. How many really have a good feel fir the game which brings about
good judgement.”


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Another sign that USA Soccer is really on the right track: we are starting to have really impressive hooligans at our matches. Check out this guy at the recent “friendly” against Brazil at the Meadowlands.

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