‘Hard Knocks’ Turning Rex Ryan, New York Jets Into NFL’s Censored Superstars

by NESN Staff

August 13, 2010

For those who witnessed the first [expletive] episode of HBO’s latest Hard Knocks series with the New York Jets, they were in for a real [expletive] treat.

Head coach Rex Ryan, whose big mouth spits out more one-liners than a fortune cookie factory, has quickly gained fans by the [expletive] thousands based on his use of the English language alone.

Simply put, his potty mouth would make a mother go [expletive] bonkers. And it has.

One of the first lines viewers heard in the opening moments of the [expletive] series kicked the show off on the right foot.

“We’re right where we wanna be,” he said. “No question about it. Enjoy this time, get away from it. No matter what you’re doing, it’s better than my [expletive] vacation. I’m cruising the Baltic with my in-laws and [expletive].”

His mouth was well-received throughout the league as players are begging their agents to get them in the NJY locker room, according to Adam Schefter. But one person — one very important [expletive] person — didn’t approve of his language one bit.

“It was kind of shocking to me. He told me he didn’t mean to curse that much,” Doris Ryan, Rex’s mother told The New York Post. “The occasional F- word I can live with, but that was a little bit too much. I told him it was shocking to me and that it was not him, and he acknowledged that wasn’t him. He really just doesn’t talk like that.

“I was really looking forward to seeing the show. But the first five minutes were kind of rough. I’ve never heard him talk like that. I watch all of his press conferences on my computer, and that’s just not Rex. I don’t know what the deal was, if he was nervous or what. Maybe he was trying to come off macho. Maybe he was nervous or a little frustrated with the [Darrelle] Revis situation.”

What was Doris referring to? If you missed the show, here’s a pretty good [expletive] compilation of Ryan’s rants.

  • “Hey, guys, we don’t have Revis in this building right now. Does it matter that Revis is not here? Goddamn, he’s pretty [expletive] good. He’s pretty good, OK? But you know what, guys? It isn’t about one guy.”
  • “You know what guys? It ain’t about one guy. It’s about leadin the league in [expletive] wins on defense. Special teams expectations: I want to lead the league in something. What is it? Wins. How ’bout that? We know we’re better than you, we don’t give a [expletive] if you know it or not. We’re gonna beat the [expletive] out of ya.”
  • “Last year, ‘Hey, we were under the radar, that’s a good place to be…’ [expletive] that! The best place to be is when expectations are high. Get used to it. We’re going to give you our best game, and we’re going to beat the [expletive] out of ya. How’s that? Let’s go get it.”

Here’s a link to a quick clip from the first episode — heads up: it’s full of [expletive] swears.

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