Jon Lester: 'I Want to Give My Team a Quality Start'After four consecutive losses, Jon Lester found the perfect time to pick up his game and grind out a win. He pitched into the sixth inning against the Yankees in Monday’s 2-1 victory, holding the team scoreless in his efforts from the mound.

However pleased he is with his own performance, Lester credits the victory to the entire team.

“I don’t think it’s just starting pitching, I think it’s the whole team,” Lester told reporters after the game. “If we keep our team in the ballgame we’re going to chip away at some guys, hopefully score some runs and win some ballgames. It sounds simple but it’s a hard process to do and we just gotta keep grinding it out.”

Lester also addressed the difficulty he’s faced over the past few weeks, saying he doesn’t focus on the pressure associated with any given matchup, he just concentrates on his pitches on the days he throws from the hill.

To listen to Lester’s entire postgame interview, watch the video below during Red Sox Extra Innings.