Kendrick Perkins ‘Feeling Good’ in Physical Therapy


Kendrick Perkins’ rehab is progressing well.

In an interview with Sports Radio 610 KILT, Perkins said he’s pacing himself, and hasn’t hit any roadblocks in his recovery from torn ligaments in his knee, reports.

"I’m feeling good," Perkins told the station. "I’m actually at the gym right now getting PT. I’m in physical therapy right now, but just taking it one day at a time, just trying to get stronger, and it’s coming along real well. I’m just trying to take it slow, but take it one day at a time."

Perkins said he still feels the sting of missing out on Game 7 of the NBA Finals, where the Celtics lost to the Los Angeles Lakers.

"I feel like maybe if I was in there I coulda helped. It’s something that you’re gonna take probably for the rest of your life, but you gotta move on and just get ready for the next season."

The finale of the NBA Finals wasn’t the only missed opportunity Perkins suffered because of his knee. Before he became injured, he had ambitions of playing for Team USA this summer.

"I think I had a good shot at making [Team USA], honestly, with a lot of guys not playing for us, like Dwight Howard," said Perkins. "But the injury happened, so things happen. My dad being a New Zealand citizen for the last 20-something years, there was a big write-up about me playing for New Zealand. If things didn't work out for the USA team, I had a lot of options. My first priority is to get my knee right, get back on the court, and, after next season, hopefully play on another Olympic team or tryout for it."

The biggest story going into next season is the Miami Heat’s trio of superstars in LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Perkins said he looks forward to the challenge.

"It would be nothing more than amazing for us to meet up with Miami and beat them," Perkins said. "I think any team would love to upset them. They’ve got a lot of pressure on their end."

Perkins is hosting a youth basketball camp this week at his old school in Texas, Clifton J. Ozen High School. Celtics teammates Nate Robinson and Rajon Rondo will be in attendance.

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