Mark Herzlich's Comeback From Cancer Aided by Dana-Farber, Tedy Bruschi For Boston College linebacker Mark Herzlich, the road back from cancer was a tough one, but the feeling he got at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute helped him fight all the way back to the football field. That, and a little help from fellow linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

Herzlich, who's successful battle with cancer has been well-publicized, spent some time Wednesday visiting the Ninth Annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon, sharing some of his experiences.

The linebacker is now trying to give back after getting some of his cancer treatment done at Dana-Farber.

"It's not that the medicine is much different than anywhere else, it's not that the facilities are much different than anywhere else, it's the people," said Herzlich when talking about what makes the institute so special. "The care is a step above. … It makes you feel at home, and feeling at home when you're going through something this rare, this emotional, that's huge."

Herzlich also talked about how former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi helped him along throughout the process. Herzlich said that Bruschi helped by playing in his golf tournament, but just the constant communication with someone who's gone through something similar has meant the most to him.

"He took the time to go out of his way," Herzlich said. "Everyone knows Tedy Bruschi. He went out and called little out me at Boston College sitting in my dorm room and made a difference in my life."

Watch the video below for more from Herzlich on his experiences beating cancer including how even Charlie Weis and Notre Dame helped in the fight against cancer.