Mike Cameron Gets Darnell McDonald's Thoughts on Playing for Red Sox While Mike Cameron may be on the disabled list right now, that doesn’t mean he’s not chipping in around the Red Sox. The outfielder tried his hand at interviewer on Saturday afternoon when he caught up with fellow outfielder Darnell McDonald.

Cameron asked McDonald about the contributions he’s been able to make to the Red Sox in the midst of a playoff run.

“I’ve just enjoyed being a part of this team, being able to come up and contribute and just be able to witness a lot of magical moments that we’ve been able to have this year,” McDonald said.

He also told Cameron that his family is a big part of the reason he’s able to do what he does, and says that his family has really embraced Boston, especially after 13 years of traveling through the minor leagues.

Be sure to watch the video below for more of the interview, along with Hall-of-Famer Jim Rice‘s thoughts on making the transition from ballplayer to media member, as well as a little bit of helpful advice for Mike Cameron.