Mike Tyson Continues Startling Career Transition on ‘Entourage’


Mike Tyson Continues Startling Career Transition on 'Entourage' Mike Tyson is in the midst of an extreme makeover.

No face tattoos are even involved.

After years of building a  reputation as cold-blooded and downright crazy in and out of the boxing ring, Tyson has suddenly become a comedian, family man and vegan. The guy is even about to host a show on Animal Planet about pigeon racing.

In a series of recent candid interviews, Tyson has been talking about his past: the drugs, violence, prostitutes, and prison.

It’s hard to believe that Tyson could all of the sudden be such a different person, but his words do indicate that he has found some level of peace with himself and his past, and his on-camera demeanor has changed as well. His self-awareness in “The Hangover” was one of the keys to the movie. The old Iron Mike couldn’t have pulled it off.

Sunday night, in what must be considered the best (and most out of control) episode of the season, Tyson appeared on Entourage. Tyson’s role? He was pitching a show idea to Ari GoldBlack Brady Bunch starring himself and Jessica Simpson.

We seem to be entering a new Tyson era, and that’s a good thing. He says that he “doesn’t care about boxing anymore.” He’s all about his wife and kids instead. Tyson’s always been entertaining, but now he’s just funny, not scary-crazy-funny, and even likable too.

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Mike Tyson Continues Startling Career Transition on 'Entourage'

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“When they drafted me, I told them this is one of the biggest things they did, and I won’t let them down. From the business side, they make the choices.”
Darrelle Revis on his holdout

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Jed Lowrie has been impressing since his return, reminding fans of what he is capable of.

Lowrie surprising everyone, Ellsbury style, when he first came up and
consistently tattooed the wall with RBI doubles and hit ’em where they
ain’t. His range was considerably greater at SS than anyone expected.
He played a good 3b also. He was being compared to Pedroia and then his
wrist went, and then his wrist went again as his offensive #’s
worsened, and then the mono. He is simply doing, now, exactly what he
did when he first came up in 2008.

As an aside, someone who who was there told me that Lowrie played 2b
at Stanford for 4 years and set all kinds of offensive and defensive
records, and batted .399 as a junior. When asked if he minded, early in
his minor league career, to move to SS to accommodate another rookie
named Pedroia, his response was that Pedey is so good he couldn’t wait
to seem him play at Fenway. This despite being named to the All-Star
team at every level and given top system honors in several categories.
In other words, Jed is as good a person and team player as he is a
hitter and heads up fielder. That’s Aces with me. So glad he survived
the trade deadline.”

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Even if Albert Haynesworth can’t pass his fitness test, Comcast D.C.’s Ivan Carter, a thirty-five year old journalist, can.

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