Just how much is the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise worth? Owners Frank and Jamie McCourt can’t seem to agree.

In the midst of a divorce, the McCourts can’t settle because of a huge disparity over the value of the Dodgers, the L.A. Times reports.

Frank values the Dodgers in the range of $725 million to $900 million for the team, Dodger Stadium and surrounding parking lots, according to his attorney Steve Susman.

Jamie values the Dodgers at more than double that, at a whopping $1.5 billion or more.

She based her estimate on the amount of money that could potentially be generated if the team follows through on the launch of two cable sports channels and development of its parking lots, according to her attorney, David Boies.

"One of the problems in settling this case is the total disconnect between the parties on what the team is worth," Susman told the Times.

Frank reportedly wants to be declared the sole owner of the team, while Jamie wants to be deemed a co-owner. However, Jamie is reportedly willing to cede ownership, leaving the couple to split a percentage of the team’s worth — assuming they’re able to agree on what the team’s value is.

The trial to determine who owns the Dodgers is scheduled for Aug. 30.