Will Ferrell, Kenny Chesney Helping Long Snapper Jake Ingram Adjust to East Coast FOXBORO, Mass. — Long snapper Jake Ingram is one of the Patriots’ most interesting characters.

He’s rarely heard from, but for a player at his position, that’s a good thing. The Hawaiian native is coming off a solid rookie season, and he is doing his level best to adjust to life halfway across the world.

NESN.com caught up with Ingram to see how life has been away from the football field.

What is the best movie you’ve recently seen?
Jake Ingram: Step Brothers, it’s hilarious. It’s nothing but entertainment.

NESN.com: What’s on your iPod these days?
JI: A lot of country music, a lot of reggae Hawaiian music, that’s about it.

NESN.com: Are you going to go to Country Fest at Gillette Stadium on Aug. 21?
JI: Yeah, if we don’t have a game or anything going on, I’m sure I’ll come and check it out. I did that last year when Kenny Chesney came around.

What is your favorite thing to do in Boston?
JI: Probably freshwater fishing. I haven’t really gone to Boston too much. I’m not really a real city guy. It’s cool to see once in awhile, but I don’t like to hang out in it. It’s too much traffic and stuff, but I got a little boat, a little pond prowler from the Bass Pro Shop, so I’m out on the ponds as much as I can. That’s my favorite thing to do.

Have you surfed up in Hampton lately?
JI: I haven’t surfed in awhile up here. Shoot, it’s been a year since I’ve surfed out here, but when I was home, I was surfing. Plus, you’ve got all those great whites out here, man. What’s going on with that?

What do you miss most about Hawaii?
JI: The people and the ocean. The Pacific Ocean is not so cold. The people, my family, friends and the ocean.