Playboy’s Shanna McLaughlin Calls UCF Outrage Over Locker-Room Shoot ‘Ridiculous’

by NESN Staff

August 12, 2010

Playboy's Shanna McLaughlin Calls UCF Outrage Over Locker-Room Shoot 'Ridiculous' It may not be college football season just yet, but the UCF Knights’ locker room is already heating up.

Playboy Playmate Shanna McLaughlin, who was granted permission by head coach George O’Leary to pose for a steamy photo shoot for Joe Hornstein said in a statement. “By the time the video of the shoot was brought to our attention, it had already made its rounds via the Internet. Let me make this clear, UCF does not condone the photos and the video. We have spoken to the employee in question and we will speak to our entire staff to make sure that this does not happen again. To any fans who were offended by this, we sincerely apologize.”

McLaughlin, a UCF alumna, on the other hand, isn’t as apologetic.

“I am surprised that it?s getting so much attention. It?s really bizarre,” she told Tony Bruno, host of Into the Night on “I would think that whoever approved it would have done a little bit of research with aXis Magazine … I?m kind of just surprised with the administrations reaction to everything.

“I think it?s really ridiculous,” added Playboy’s Miss July, who was also the winner of the reality show Playboy Shootout. “I just wanted to show some school spirit. … For them to really apologize like there was something terribly wrong, I?m just dumbfounded by the whole thing. I am just so surprised that it?s getting this much attention.”

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Playboy's Shanna McLaughlin Calls UCF Outrage Over Locker-Room Shoot 'Ridiculous'

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