Report: Andy Pettitte’s Statements ‘Could Be Really Bad’ for Roger Clemens


It's one thing to be accused of something by a disgruntled former employee, but it's a whole different ballgame when a close friend accuses you of the same thing.

Andy Pettitte, the longtime Yankees pitcher and close friend of Roger Clemens, is likely to testify in the upcoming perjury case that attorney and writer Michael McCann expects to go to trial.

McCann also expects some bad news ahead for the former Cy Young award winner with Pettitte on the stand.

"This could be really bad for Clemens," said McCann, who also notes that judge Reggie Walton is known to be a "tough sentencer."

If it were just Brian McNamee's words, Clemens would likely be fine, but that's not the case, says McCann.

"Andy Pettitte won't have any of that baggage. Andy Pettitte will be
seen as credible," he explained. "I think that will be a real issue
for Clemens."

Still, being famous will help the Rocket.

"Remember, O.J. Simpson got off for murder," McCann said. "Just
because a case seems so clear that doesn't mean there is gong to be a
conviction … being a celebrity generally helps you in front of juries."

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