Brett Favre Deemed ‘Uninsurable’ by Fantasy Sports Insurance


When Tom Brady tragically went down in Week 1 of the 2008 season, the Patriots and their fans weren't the only ones distraught as fantasy teams around the world were decimated.

Out of the ashes of that disaster, was born.

For players in money leagues, particularly high-stakes leagues, losing a player like Brady can be more than upsetting — it can be an economic disaster.

This year, 100 players are eligible for fantasy football insurance.

For example, for a league with a $1,000 buy-in, Titans running back Chris Johnson can be insured for $105. If he misses nine games, the owner gets his or her investment back.

Brett Favre, though, has been deemed uninsurable by Fantasy Sports Insurance, reports CNBC.

"Drafting him could be a good idea, but insuring him is not. He's old,
he's got ailing injuries that constantly perk up, and even though he
plays through them, there's a big risk," said Fantasy Sports Insurance's Henry Olszewsk.

Ironically, Favre has started an NFL record 309 consecutive games.

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