Steven Slater’s JetBlue Incident Reminds Us of Baseball’s Best Ejection-Fueled Tirades


Steven Slater's JetBlue Incident Reminds Us of Baseball's Best Ejection-Fueled Tirades Steve Slater
pulled off what thousands of flight attendants have likely been wanting to do for decades.

He not only put an unruly passenger in their place, he did it like it to the extreme, as if it was the last thing he’ll ever do. And, if convicted, it very well could be the last thing he does for a long, long time.

Slater’s incident at Kennedy International Airport on Monday, which involved grabbing a couple cold ones before fleeing out the emergency exit and onto the tarmac, was an act only baseball manager could pull off … and get away with, that is.

Thanks to Slater’s explosion, here are a few of baseball’s best ejections and ejection artists.

Lou Piniella: The master of theatrical exits, there are too many videos to choose from, so try this random one from Wrigley.

Billy Martin: You know you’re in trouble when the manager comes out of the dugout with his hat already backwards.

Phillip Wellman: Hands down, the most exciting baseball blow up in the history of the game.

George Brett: Easy on the pine tar, Brett.

Wally Backman: Though very profane, these viral videos have made Backman one of baseball’s most beloved managers.

Tom Kotchman and Orv Franchuk: Could this be the best double ejection of all time? These two let the umpires have it during a Boise Hawks-Yakima Bears game in the Northwest League in 1992.

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Steven Slater's JetBlue Incident Reminds Us of Baseball's Best Ejection-Fueled Tirades     

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“Did you see the jaws of David Price, Yunel Escobar? The neck of Papelbon, Quentin, the whole body of Andruw Jones, that artificiality? The chase of the anti-doping agencys is a never ending one. Blood testing would reveal atrocious things but even this is not the end of the story. MLB doesn’t support the anti-doping agencys good enough if you ask me. MLB players can go to the dominican work out take whatever they want and calculate by their doctors when they have to stop to be clean at season start. It’s so easy. And the muscles are on then. Look at the jamaican sprinters! Usain Bolt can take whatever he wants in Jamaica because there is no control. And then he calculates his cleanness to the next competiotion oversea and everbody says wwwwooooooowww is he fast… “

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