Surgery Was Always a Possibility for Dustin Pedroia Though he never wanted to admit it, surgery was always a possibility for Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia.

When he initially fractured the bone, there was a chance he could further aggravate the injury to the point where it broke off. With that in mind, Pedroia was extremely cautious during his recovery process, hoping that the bone would mend so he could return for August.

Return he did, but he may have taken it a step — or a steal — too far in his first two games back with the Red Sox in mid-August. He landed on the DL after those two games against the Angels, blaming himself for going all out too quickly.

He can't help it, that's just his style.

Pedroia met with reporters before Friday night's game in Tampa Bay, where he said that doctors had told him from the get-go that there was a possibility that surgery would be required. Now it may be more of a possibility than he originally thought.

Be sure to watch his pregame interview below where he discusses the injury during Red Sox Gameday Live.

Surgery Was Always a Possibility for Dustin PedroiaSurgery Was Always a Possibility for Dustin Pedroia