Test Your Knowledge About Famous Basketball Announcers


Test Your Knowledge About Famous Basketball Announcers While football and baseball seem to be the sports in which announcers can gain the greatest level of notoriety, a handful of hoops announcers have become staples of American culture as well.

Dick Vitale, without a doubt, is currently at the top of the list. He has become nearly synonymous with college hoops and has acquired a vast array of endorsement deals. You can't turn on a television without seeing Dicky V..

Marv Albert made his name as the long-time announcer for the New York Knicks to the extent that he assumed all sorts of announcing duties on NBC. The play-by-play in NBA Jam is even meant to emulate Albert.

Gus Johnson became famous for his over-the-top game calls during March Madness, and has now crossed over to football, lending his play-by-play calling to Madden 11.

Charles Barkley, while a commentator and not an announcer, has become perhaps more famous as a TV personality than he was as a player.

But do you know their catch-phrases?

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