Test Your Knowledge of Famous NFL Playoff Games
The NFL playoffs are nothing if not dramatic.

Last year’s NFC Title Game between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints — soon to be reprised in the NFL season opener — was such a wild ride that it resulted in the NFL overturning its sudden-death overtime policy.

The famous Patriots-Raiders and Bucs-Rams games similarly resulted in rules changes, but none of these games are even truly in the pantheon of the greatest games of all time.

To be in the highest echelon of playoff history, a game must have a timeless nickname.

There’s Joe Montana‘s game with “The Catch,” and John Elway’s famous victory with “The Drive,” but perhaps no game saw as outlandish of a finish as Tennessee’s “Music City Miracle” in 2000.

Down 16-15 with just 16 seconds left, Titans tight end Frank Wycheck passed the ball across the field to Kevin Dyson after receiving the kickoff, and Dyson took the ball to the endzone for the win.

But whose hearts did the Titans break?

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