Tim Cowlishaw Claims Via Twitter That Darrelle Revis Will Sign Wednesday


August 23, 2010

Tim Cowlishaw Claims Via Twitter That Darrelle Revis Will Sign Wednesday Around the Horn personalities had a very busy weekend.

After Jay Mariotti was held on $50,000 bail for felony domestic disturbance charges on Saturday, Tim Cowlishaw made news via Twitter on Sunday.

The Dallas Morning News reporter tweeted that Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets will announce their new deal on Wednesday, with a possible implication being that the contract will be unveiled on Hard Knocks.

Cowlishaw defended his tweet just one hour later, asserting that he received the information from a source that has “never been wrong.”

The rest of the media, though, has no clue where Cowlishaw is getting his information — particularly given that he is in Texas, not New York. Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News called Cowlishaw’s tweets an “internet rumor,” and said that the team has no such plans.

While Cowlishaw has given the world very little reason to believe him, why would he risk his credibility if he really had no clue? Wouldn’t he have found out that his Twitter account was hacked quickly enough to retract the tweets? He even directly said that it wasn’t hacked.

Stephen A. Smith similarly tweeted that LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were all going to sign with Miami, well before the decision unfolded. His claims were dismissed, but it ultimately turned out that Smith was right.

The Jets’ defense has looked good without Revis, and center Nick Mangold just received a new contract, so momentum is trending toward Revis losing bargaining chips.

Cowlishaw may be right.

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Tim Cowlishaw Claims Via Twitter That Darrelle Revis Will Sign Wednesday

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“Miami is
really the Big 2. Bosh is decent, but doesn’t compare to James or Wade
in terms of talent. He’s weak inside and doesn’t want to guard other
centers (it might affect his stats after all). I’d be a lot more worried
about a guy who was willing to play wherever the team needed him. Even
though he’s older and slowed down somewhat, it wouldn’t surprise me if
Garnett still has an advantage over him.”


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