Tyreke Evans Footage Makes Case For ‘Fast and Furious Five’ Role


Aug 1, 2010

Tyreke Evans Footage Makes Case For 'Fast and Furious Five' Role There’s fast. Then there’s Fast and Furious fast.

Tyreke Evans took that next step into the Paul WalkerVin Diesel zone this past Memorial Day, driving Nos-Tank type speeds on Interstate 80.

You knows those signs that say “speed enforced by airplane” that basically make you think “I can go as fast as I want?” It turns out those airplanes are actually real, and one of them caught Evans in NASCAR mode.

On Saturday, the California Highway Patrol released footage taken from the air of the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year going approximately 130 mph.

It seems that he, in his purple Benz with lady-friend riding shotgun, was racing another driver on the 80.

Could that other driver have been Ja Rule or Ludacris?

It’s unclear, but the fifth installment of Fast and Furious, a.k.a. Fast Five is very real. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be joining the cast for the 2011 film. All the usual suspects — Tyrese, Michelle Rodriguez, Diesel and Walker — will be back. Perhaps an Evans cameo should be in order.

Of course, Tyreke is in good company. Paris Hilton went to jail for reckless driving, and Evans is just getting community service.

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Tyreke Evans Footage Makes Case For 'Fast and Furious Five' Role

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“I’m from Texas. Heck. I played at Rice. This city is like the womb. I feel very comfortable here. To think about the possibility of going anywhere else is kind of scary.”
Lance Berkman on leaving the Houston Astros

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Saturday was a day of mixed emotions for Sox fans — a dramatic comeback victory but a lack of a blockbuster deal. The season, though, doesn’t end on July 31.

“John, you are absolutely right. I remember the pain of 1978 as if it were yesterday and the joy of 2004 in the same manner. We play 162 games because each and every one of them matters. Nothing is final until the season officially ends. To listen to many of the folks here, we might just as well award the Division to the Yankees and the wild card to the Rays and call it a season today. I’m not willing to make any concessions at this point. The first week in July, the Red Sox had staged a remarkable comeback, leaping 10 games to overtake the Rays by 2 games, and were only half a game out of first place–all that accomplished with some 12 players on the disabled list at one time or another. Well, the troops are all coming back farily soon, and, in my opinion, we can come back again! It remains to be seen who will walk away with the Division and the wild card. That’s the beauty of the drama that will keep us all glued to our TVs and radios for the next 2 months!”


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Apparently, you can win Jeopardy! even if you think that the “Jacksonville Panthers” are the only NFC team never to play in the Super Bowl.

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