‘Vuvuzela,”Turducken’ Among Words Added to Updated Oxford English Dictionary


Scrabble players have some more ammunition.

"Vuvuzela" — assuming no double letter or double word score — would count as a 73-pointer on a Scrabble board. At eight letters, you'd have to work off preexisting words, but if you could pull it off, you'd get 23 points for the letters and 50 for clearing your stash.

Now that "vuvuzela" has been admitted to the Oxford English Dictionary, the door has been opened for even more creativity in Scrabble.

Over 2000 new words have been added to the world's premier lexicon as of this past weekend, mostly coming from pop culture, computing, slang and portmanteau.

John Madden may be the face of one of the world's biggest video games, but he can now take credit for another phenomenon.

"Turducken," the meal that he made famous — a roast chicken inside of a roast duck inside of a roast turkey — has now become an official word.

Our friends from Jersey Shore also will be pleased to find out that "hater," a negative person, is now Oxford official as well.

Portmanteaus "bromance," "frenemy" and "chillax" also all got the nod.

The largest portion of new terms came from the Internet: "Paywall," "defriend," "tweetup," "microblogging" and "freemium" are among the new entries as well.

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