What Rituals Do You Have While Watching Red Sox Games During the Pennant Race?


August 28, 2010

What Rituals Do You Have While Watching Red Sox Games During the Pennant Race? The weather may still be steamy in Boston, but fall is right around the corner. Kids are heading back to school, the nights are getting brisk, and ? oh yes, the pennant race is on.

September is just days away and Red Sox fans are feeling the pressure of the 2010 MLB season dwindling down. However, the Sox picked up a crucial win against Tampa on Friday night to open a monumental three-game series. And to top it all off, the Yankees fell to the Chicago White Sox.

One game down, 4 1/2 to go.

Since Boston fans have been dubbed "America's Best," we know that they never lack in the passion department. During Red Sox playoff runs, fans do a lot of crazy things to prepare themselves for each and every game. Am I wearing the same socks I was wearing in 2004 when Keith Foulke made that soft toss to Doug Mientkiewicz to win the World Series? Have I turned my rally cap inside out?

What kinds of rituals do you go through to ensure the Red Sox secure a victory?

Let's just start out with the obvious, the clothes. Do you wear the same hat, jersey, socks, underwear? Try not to get too graphic, please, but this is a go-to for many fans. As a Red Sox fan, it may be tough to find that one article of clothing that always brings out a win, but Mike Timlin did it in '04 and '07, and it worked for him.

What about location? Is there one place you just have to be to watch the game? I had a friend in college who refused to watch the game with any of us, even though we were all Red Sox fans. Come September, she locked herself in her dorm room, and no one was allowed in. Just her and the Sox.

Or are you more of the social type, enjoying the scene that a gritty Boston pub or a friend's basement decked out with a wraparound couch and a big screen? Whatever the scenario, it's always better to surround yourself with friends and fellow Red Sox fans.

Then there's food. Do you have to eat a Fenway Frank before every close game? Is there a Sam Adams fused to your hand throughout each inning? We Boston fans take our town very seriously, and we gotta represent on all levels. Is there any special food you have to eat before a big game?

I'm sure since this is the town of the Cowboy Up-pers, the Idiots, the Fenway faithful, that there are more creative rituals out there than just wearing the same shirt every game. Is there a combination to it, same shirt, same place, same food every game? What are your pennant race rituals?

Share your thoughts below.

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