Who Has Had The Best Haircut in the NFL This Season? Since nobody actually cares about NFL preseason games, football stories in August tend to be dominated by events off the field.

Holdouts have again been the big stories in 2010, particularly those
of Logan Mankins and Darrelle Revis, but a new issue has also come to
the forefront of training camp conversation — hair.

Tom Brady initially made news this summer by sporting a Justin
-esque bowl cut in June, but that look has seemingly spiraled out
of control.  Brady's current look defies description. He just has a lot
of hair — so much that even Dennis Eckersley is concerned. Brady has gone different directions atop his head before, but in the past he generally opted for the shorter, not longer, looks.

Rookies often are forced to do some pretty terrible things to their hair when they first arrive in the NFL, and Heisman Trophy winners are no exception. Tim Tebow was left looking pretty strange after Broncos veterans got to him.

And then, there's Patriots rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski, who has recently adopted the mohawk look.

Surely, others will emerge in the league's hair war. Chad Ochocinco generally can't resist looking ridiculous, especially if others are doing so.

So, who has had the best haircut in the NFL this season?

Who has had the best haircut in the NFL this season?customer surveys