Would It Be Good for Baseball If Mark Cuban Owned a Major League Team?


Would It Be Good for Baseball If Mark Cuban Owned a Major League Team? Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just recently missed out on doing something he's shown quite a lot of interest in lately — owning a Major League Baseball team.

Cuban was part of a group bidding to try and acquire the Texas Rangers. Ultimately, Cuban's group lost out and the franchise was awarded to a group that includes current Rangers president and pitching legend Nolan Ryan.

But after an unsuccessful attempt to buy the Chicago Cubs and now this attempt at the Rangers, Cuban is showing the baseball world that he is serious about owning a major league team.

He's already been quite successful in regards to both the business and basketball sides of owning the Mavericks. He's built a well-deserved reputation as someone who will spend money at will in order to put the best product that gives him the best chance to win out on the court.

And while there may never be another George Steinbrenner, the 52-year-old Mavericks owner has people already wondering aloud if he can be the next "Boss."

Not only does Cuban have the drive, desire and deep pockets to invest in a team financially, but he's always seemed to legitimately enjoy owning a pro sports franchise. 

Cuban has always considered himself a fan. He wants to win and wants to be the best in the world at what he does, but he also doesn't take himself too seriously. He loves that he can come in and use the team's workout facilities and loves being a part of the show almost as much as he loves overseeing it.

Of course, with that sort of ego comes some negative drawbacks. Cuban has continuously butted heads with NBA commissioner David Stern. Cuban speaks out — usually without thinking — on issues regarding the league quite frequently. While fans love this, it sometimes drives Stern and other owners crazy.

If Cuban were to own a baseball franchise, this may be only magnified. Baseball owners on the whole are more conservative and the idea of a "young" owner willing to throw an unlimited amount of money around may ruffle the feathers of some of the longer-tenured owners.

Like any good businessman, Cuban wants to expand. His interest in the Rangers shows that he's serious about one day owning a major league franchise and it may come sooner than later.

So, if Mark Cuban ever does acquire the major league franchise he seemingly so desperately covets, will his presence as one of 30 owners be good for the game of baseball?

Share your thoughts below.

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