Yellow Lobster Caught in Narragansett Bay, a One-in-Thirty-Million Chance


August 1, 2010

Nothing says summer in New England like a Red Sox game at Fenway and a plate of fresh lobster. Usually though, the lobster is red.

Denny Ingram caught a yellow lobster last week in Narragansett Bay, R.I. The catch is a one-in-thirty-million event, as it must have been the offspring of two parent lobsters carrying a nearly-extinct recessive gene.

A yellow lobster is even rarer than a blue one, which is a one-in-four-million find. The lobster, a male, will stay on display in Newport, R.I.

Ingram has yet to name the creature.

Some say that yellow lobsters are good luck, so perhaps the rare being will power a Sox playoff run down the stretch. It could even turn out to be the next Paul the Octopus or Rally Monkey.

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