Alex Ovechkin Primed to Take Over Sidney Crosby’s Throne Following HBO’s ’24/7′ Series


Alex Ovechkin Primed to Take Over Sidney Crosby's Throne Following HBO's '24/7' Series Distinguished captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, is a Stanley Cup winner, Olympic gold medalist and the face of the National Hockey League.

He's clean-cut, well-groomed and happens to be one heck of a model athlete on the ice and off.


Wake me up when HBO's 24/7 starts. Yes, Sid the Kid and his Pens teammates will be documented for this four-episode series leading up to the 2011 Winter Classic, but I'm not tuning in to see Crosby show up early, be the last to leave, sign autographs, kiss babies and shake hands.

I'm tuning in to see what's going on in the other locker room. More specifically, I'm tuning in to see Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin unedited and unleashed.

While the NHL has tried to create a rivalry between Crosby and Ovechkin, the two forwards are so different in playing style and image that such a rivalry is almost impossible to create — no matter how many times Ovie tries to instigate Crosby. Perhaps 24/7 will heat things up a bit. People are enthralled with the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and sports fans will never get enough inside access.

As seen this summer, America can fall in love with a franchise simply by getting inside the locker room and lives of professional athletes. What football fan — New Englanders included — can't help but like a guy like Rex Ryan?

Ovechkin is going to take the sporting world by storm for these four brilliant hours of behind-the-scenes television. Whether he's pushing triple-digits in his six-figure race car, racking up five-figure bills at clubs, or rocking out to four-figure crowds on stage, Ovie is the rock star that this sport needs to capture the hearts of the average sports fan if it wants to compete with the NFL, NBA and MLB.

There's a reason why the Caps waited so long to give him the captain's "C" and hockey fans will find out why — and they'll love him for it. Caps fans may not love it, but the rest of the world will.

Take advantage of these next three months, Sidney, because after Ovechkin and the Caps bury your Penguins on New Years Day, he's taking the spotlight with him.

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