Patriots head coach Bill Belichick rarely emits any form of emotion toward the media.

Belichick stayed true to form Monday. When asked about his reaction to Randy Moss‘ lengthy news conference after the Patriots’ 38-24 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Belichick insisted his opinion has not changed about his top receiver.

“I feel the same way about Randy as I have the last three years,” Belichick told reporters in a Monday news conference. “He’s a good football player, glad he’s on our team. He does a lot for our football team. He’s got good energy. Everybody likes him. He’s fun to have on the team. And he’s a good player.”

When asked whether Moss’ statements would serve as a distraction for the team, Belichick said he couldn’t speak for what’s on the mind of his players, and he hadn’t heard of Moss’ comments until Monday morning.

Moss definitely made a few jaws drop during the news conference on Sunday, spending 16 minutes on the podium where he said he felt underappreciated for the job that he does for the Patriots, and that he felt this was his last year playing in New England. However, he also said he wouldn’t let his “unhappiness” spoil the tone of his game, and that he was going to do his job out on the gridiron.

The wide receiver also mentioned that if he was summoned for a meeting with Coach Belichick regarding his impromptu contract talk, he would be honest about his feelings.

When asked whether or not Belichick had called Moss in for a meeting, the stoic head coach told reporters that was a private matter.