Bill Cowher May Be Hearing From Giants Soon Following Another Ugly New York Loss


September 26, 2010

It seems that Bill Cowher's desire to coach again is starting to burn a little bit more as each day passes. And as each days passes — and as ugly losses pile up — it looks like the New York Giants may be in the market for Cowher's services.

The Giants were embarrassed at home on Sunday afternoon by the Tennessee Titans when they were beat down, 29-10.

New York's day was a statistical abomination. Sure, the Giants gained 471 yards of total offense. And yeah, they only gave up 271 yards. But despite an eye-popping discrepancy in yardage, the Giants did everything they could to make those numbers irrelevant. Three turnovers and 11 penalties will do that.

It was an ugly encore to a performance last week against the Colts in which the Giants turned it over three times while being throttled by the Indianapolis Colts.

Fair or unfair, when teams starting playing with lack of discipline and the turnovers and penalties start to pile up, the head coach takes the brunt of the blame. In fact, that's something Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is accepting responsibility for.

"I think that the part of the game that is so frustrating to me is the turnovers and the penalties and that's my responsibility," Coughlin said after the game Sunday. "The way in which we play in between the lines is my responsibility and I'm taking full responsibility for that.

"We gave away a game we should have won, and I'll take responsibility for that."

And while Coughlin is taking his team's early struggles on the chin, it's the looming possibility that Cowher and "The Chin" might return that Coughlin may have to worry about in the near future.

It may seem premature, somewhat cliche and ultimately unfair, but it's time for the Giants to really start thinking about going in a different direction at head coach.

Coughlin did get them to the promised land, and no one will ever be able to take that away. But there isn't much more of a "what have you done for me lately?" profession in sports than NFL head coach.

Coughlin's steely demeanor is one that when a team is successful is described with words like hard-nosed and business-like. When a team isn't successful, it comes off oftentimes as unnecessary and you're likely to be labeled a jerk who no one wants to play for.

And while Cowher isn't jolly on the sidelines by any stretch of the imagination, change for change's sake may benefit the Giants in not only the long term, but in the short term. Just having a new face in there may rejuvenate a struggling team like the Giants.

A move may be necessary to remind the football world, especially New York, that the Giants still have what it takes to be relevant.They've already been surpassed by the Jets in that category in addition to being surpassed in the actual on-field product as well. For better or worse, the Jets are in the headlines everyday. They are a team people love to talk about. A marquee change may help shift some of that focus back to the Giants.

More importantly, it should make them better. If reports are true, and Cowher is feeling the urge to scratch the coaching itch, now may be the time for his return. Cowher seems to be through grieving the loss of his wife and seems committed to get back.

The market for Cowher, though, is going to be a competitive one. And while chances aren't great that the Giants would make a move midseason, especially to remove a coach like Coughlin. But if they were able to convince Coughlin to come coach in the Meadowlands, this slow start may ultimately end up being a blessing in disguise for the Giants.

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