Braylon Edwards Enjoyed Wild Night of Partying With Zero Consequences


Braylon Edwards Enjoyed Wild Night of Partying With Zero Consequences It’s not like the majority of football fans respected Braylon Edwards before all of this happened, so what did he really lose?

The answer: basically nothing.

His $50,000 fine is approximately three days of salary. He’s going to be playing on Sunday and people have plenty of other reasons to rip the guy anyways.

He already punched LeBron James‘ buddy back when people liked James, and got wasted with Donte Stallworth before Stallworth committed DWI manslaughter — a crime which earned him a brisk 24 days behind bars.

So what was Edwards up to on Monday night in between ghost-tweets about practice and dedication? Just raging at Jerricho Cotchery‘s charity open-bar event — playing poker and double-fisting cosmos, the New York Post reports.

Next, he, Vernon Gholston and D’Brickashaw Ferguson hit the clubs til 3:30 a.m., knocking back double-digit drinks while petitioning the bartender to make them extra stiff.

Of course, Edwards thought it would be a good idea to drive home, and when he was stopped for illegal window tint on his Range Rover, he asked the cop, “We were coming from a party. How about I just leave the car and take a cab and go home?” And, “Why was I stopped for having tints if my driving didn’t lead you to believe I was drunk?”

Apparently, the answers to those questions weren’t relevant anyway. It was just another day in the life of Braylon Edwards.

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Braylon Edwards Enjoyed Wild Night of Partying With Zero Consequences    


“I’m very proud of him. It’s
a true testament if you work hard, you keep your nose clean, good
things can happen, and he’s worked very hard at doing both those
Andy Reid, on his new starting quarterback, Mike Vick


It’s hard to believe some are so passionate about drainage.

“the drainage system. Now we don’t have watch the players slosh around in the outfield after a misty night.”
–Doug Out


Dexter McCluster isn’t worried about DWIs. He just wants you to stop texting.

Bonus Video: Ric Flair gets “iced.”


Tuesday, Sept 21: Window tint strikes again.

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