Caroline Wozniacki Forming Special Bond With Yale Football Team Yale may have recently lost out in the Emma Watson sweepstakes
when the on-screen Hermione Granger decided to attend Brown, but the school may have lured a tennis star to its

Caroline Wozniacki, No. 1 seed at this year’s United States Open and winner of her opening match against NCAA champion Chelsey Gullickson on Tuesday, has become quite fond of New Haven, Conn.

She’s even creating a few traditions in “Elm City.” First, she has won the last three Pilot Pen Tennis tournaments — an annual event held at the Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale. Second, she apparently has become buddies with Yale’s
football team.

In 2009, after she and Flavia Pennetta put on an exhibition at the Yale Bowl “Sweet Caroline” went to address the team and
take pictures with the guys.

After winning her third tournament in a row this summer, she solidified her bond with the school and even suggested that she’d like to attend the university.

“I enjoy doing something outside of tennis, a good chance to get my thoughts off the court,” she told the New York Times, also adding that she’d like to take classes in business there.

Olympic gold medalist and Yale alum Sarah Hughes came to the support of Wozniacki and her decision as the American figure skater reportedly emailed the tennis star, persuading her to enroll. Wozniacki wouldn’t be the only high-profile athlete-turned-Bulldog as former New York Rangers goalie Mike Richter also attended Yale after his career.

Whether or not she does attend the university, she surely has created a rabid fan base in New Haven.

“It is a great connection. We have kind of adopted her as our
professional women’s tennis player, and hopefully we are her college
football team,” said Yale football player Shane Bannon.

“They are really nice guys,” Wozniacki responded.”That they all came and
supported me today, it was fun. We should make this a tradition and make
it a yearly picture.”


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Caroline Wozniacki Forming Special Bond With Yale Football Team

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