David Beckham-Irma Nici Scandal Part of Russian Mafia 2018 World Cup Plot? The David Beckham scandal has a new twist — is it part of a mafia conspiracy to ruin England’s 2018 World Cup bid?

Becks isn’t just some famous guy who used to be really good at soccer, is married to a spice girl, and does Derek Zoolander style photo shoots. He’s also England’s principal soccer ambassador, constantly involved in FIFA events.

As a result, he is often sent by the UK to represent the nation at FIFA events. This weekend, he is in Trinidad and Tobago, “the kidnapping capital of the world,” with droves of bodyguards to launch a football festival for the local youth and hang out with FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Basically, Beckham’s image matters a lot as far as England’s bid, and many on the inside believe that mobsters in Russia, a nation itself bidding for the World Cup in 2018, are pulling the strings behind the scandal, Daily Star reports.

“Timing is everything. You’ve got to ask yourself why this girl waited three years to make these claims about David Beckham…We don’t think it was a coincidence, but part of a concerted bid to dash our hopes of landing the World Cup,” said one source.

Rumors have even surfaced that Irma Nici, the ex-prostitute involved in the scandal, came forward following death threats.

“There’s also a real feeling that Irma is being used as a puppet here and that her strings are being pulled by shadowy foreign figures out to wreck our World Cup bid.There are connections abroad who stand to make a fortune from a successful bid, not just legitimate businessmen but those with mafia links, especially in Russia.”

Beckham is continuing to deny the affair claims and has even now sued for 5 million pounds.


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 David Beckham-Irma Nici Scandal Part of Russian Mafia 2018 World Cup Plot?



“The way you guys act, you’re gonna get me fired and everybody else around here.”
Rex Ryan to his players


Nathan Horton may be in for quite the season if he achieves all this.

“785. And he’ll also find OBL and cure cancer.But if he scores over 30, I’ll be happy with that. Go Broooooooooooooons!”
Montreal Bruins


You can’t even do this in Madden.


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