David Krejci in Good Spirits, Says He's 'Very Close' to Full Health BOLTON, Mass. — When he has the puck on his tape, David Krejci can find a teammate with surgical precision. But when it comes to actual medical matters, Krejci may want to brush up on his anatomy.

Krejci was on hand for Monday’s seventh annual Bruins Golf Tournament at The International in Bolton, and despite still recovering from the dislocated right wrist that ended his season in Game 3 of the Philadelphia series, he was determined to participate in the event.

“I’ve played the last two weeks,” said Krejci with a smile when asked if he would be able to hit the links. “I can skate, so I can golf.”

The questionable logic of how being able to skate would determine the fitness of one’s wrist to launch shots down the fairway aside, the sight of a jovial Krejci should be a welcome one for Bruins fans.

His injury was the one blow the club couldn’t overcome last spring. The Bruins did not win again after he was sidelined, losing four straight to the Flyers to be eliminated in stunning fashion. They shouldn’t be without him when the new season starts next month, but Krejci did admit he is not quite full recovered just yet.

“It’s very close, very close,” said Krejci. “We’re talking about days now. I don’t think it’s 100 percent now, but it’s very close.

“The bone is fine, but the ligaments in there are still healing,” added Krejci. “It takes time, but it’s already five months now, so it should be healed soon.”

Krejci hopes the final healing could even be complete before the start of training camp on Friday.

“I still have five days [until camp], so I hope that in five days I’m going to be 100 percent,” said Krejci. “I mean, it still hurts. I can feel it sometimes when I shoot, but I can shoot almost 100 percent, so by the camp I think I will be 100 percent. That’s what I hope.”

The force of a hard shot still bothers him a bit, but Krejci is already able to perform other actions without any problems.

“I can stickhandle fine,” said Krejci. “My motion’s there. I have no problem with that. It’s a little weaker, but I have been working on it for the last four weeks and I’m getting the muscle back, so I should be fine by the time the season comes.”

It was four weeks ago that Krejci had the screws in his wrist removed. Not only did that accelerate the rehabilitation process, it also sped up his travel time as the metal screws had been causing delays at the metal detectors in airport security.

“No problem with that now,” said Krejci. “They checked me completely [at the airport]. It wasn’t fun, but I made it.”

Now, Krejci hopes to make it into some preseason games to help him get ready for the season. Coming off hip surgery last summer, Krejci missed all of camp and the exhibition schedule. He felt that contributed to his slow start to the season and doesn’t want a repeat of that this year.

“I have some experience now coming off injuries, so I know what to expect,” said Krejci. “I know how to prepare my body, so I’ll try to do everything I can to be ready. I really feel that I’m getting to 100 percent pretty quickly and I’ll be there pretty soon, so I’m excited.

“Last year I was pretty happy I was able to play in the first [regular-season] game, but it showed that I didn’t play in any of the exhibition games,” added Krejci, who had just one goal in his first 16 games last season before coming on strong late in the year to finish tied for the team lead with 17-35-52 totals. “I didn’t like my start to the season last year and I don’t want that to happen again, so I’m looking forward to some exhibition games this year and get really ready for the season.”