ESPN Releases Trailer for 'Four Days in October,' a Film Sure to Bring Good Memories to Red Sox Fans Dear Red Sox fans, would you like to feel good?

Why don’t you go ahead and watch this:

That would be the trailer for the upcoming documentary Four Days in October, which is part of ESPN’s excellent 30 for 30 series. If you’ve watched any of those films over the past year, you know how well-produced they can be. And if that two-minute clip is any indication, this one looks to be no different.

The film was directed by Major League Baseball Productions, and includes some behind-the-scenes footage in the locker room, including some nasty closeups of Curt Schilling‘s mangled ankle (hopefully putting some of those ketchup theories to rest).

According to ESPN, the film uses “extensive archive coverage from that week [in October 2004]” for “a film in ‘real-time’ that takes an in-depth look at the 96 hours that brought salvation to Red Sox Nation and made baseball history in the process.”

Four Days in October premieres Tuesday, Oct. 5 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

“Their miraculous achievement will always serve as the benchmark for future sports teams that find themselves in a similar predicament in postseason play,” read the film’s statement. “Any team down three-games-to-none can now always utter the words that became the Red Sox rallying cry, ‘Why Not Us?'”