Heat Guard Carlos Arroyo Launches Reggaeton Career


September 25, 2010

One Puerto Rican point guard spent his offseason a little differently than you would expect.   

Carlos Arroyo is one of the rising stars of reggaeton. He also happens to play for the Miami Heat. Arroyo began pursuing a music career on the side in 2009, and he may have finally found his break out hit with ?Se Va Conmigo? (She?s Leaving with Me).

The song now has a video (thank the internet gods) featuring the guard texting a scantily clad woman while he?s out on the town. The music even cuts out at one point so the Heat star can show off his acting skills. While the song may mean ?She?s Leaving with Me? Arroyo never actually leaves with the girl, sees her, or even talks to her.

If Arroyo can abuse opposing teams like he abused auto-tune in this song, the Heat are destined for big things.  

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