Ines Sainz's Locker Room Incident Ultimately Great for Her Career
Ines Sainz has repeatedly downplayed the extent to which she was bothered by the New York Jets’ practice antics. If she’s telling the truth, then she really has done nothing but win as a result of the incident.

Sainz spoke out on Monday, saying that she was not offended, felt safe, and that Jets owner Woody Johnson’s apology was enough for her.

She also added that she definitely will not be toning down her sexy sideline style. She’s been doing it for nine years — why change just because it is getting her more attention than ever?

Sainz, who has three graduate degrees, has parlayed the incident into appearances on the talk show circuit. She appeared on Good Morning America, among others, on Tuesday.

Her Twitter account gained thousands of followers — a jump of over 20 percent in just one day.

Google has charted her as the most popular search for an entire day as well — a rarity for any topic — and she even had to defeat actual NFL action and the MTV Video Music Awards to take that crown.

Women in the media have staunchly come to her defense, making her a sort of figurehead for their movement.

The reporter working primarily in Mexico surely has caught on in America, where fans certainly have a love affair with attractive sideline reporters.

Don’t be surprised if we see a lot more of the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico” in her signature photo shoots and on our TV sets.

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Ines Sainz's Locker Room Incident Ultimately Great for Her Career

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