Jenn Sterger on Ines Sainz: ‘She Accomplished Exactly What She Set Out to Do’

by abournenesn

Sep 17, 2010

Jenn Sterger on Ines Sainz: 'She Accomplished Exactly What She Set Out to Do' Jenn Sterger
knows a few things about taking advantage of a situation.

Sterger, who was spotted in the stands of an FSU football game in 2005 wearing a tight tank top, now has a resume that looks like a mix of Erin Andrews’ and Jenna Jameson‘s. She’s appeared in Playboy, Maxim and Sports Illustrated via blogging, posing or both.

Now, she’s calling out fellow female media member, Ines Sainz, for taking advantage of and reaping benefits of being in the spotlight.

“This is the same woman that walked into the Patriots’ locker room about a year ago and asked Tom Brady to marry her,” she told Sid Rosenberg of WQAM in Miami. “So we have to kind of keep this whole thing in perspective, that she’s not exactly been this shrinking violet when it comes to being on the sidelines. There’s plenty of pictures of her out there at football games, at basketball games, and she’s not exactly appropriately dressed. And this is coming from someone like me. Look, I don’t play any games, I know my past and I know my role. I’m very aware of what’s been in my wardrobe in past years. At the same time, I’m 27 now and fighting gravity.

“I’ve realized that if I want to be taken seriously in the business that I’m choosing to pursue, I’ve got to dress a certain way, I’ve got to look a certain way,” she added. “That’s why I had my implants removed last year. That’s why I’ve really kind of taken a more conservative turn in how I dress. Let’s put it this way, not all jeans and white T-shirts are created equal.”

Someone get Don King on the line.

But not all sexy sideliners are created equal. One striking difference between these two is that Sainz, an established reporter with three graduate degrees has a little more to hang her hat on than Sterger, who at the time of her first taste of the spotlight, had nothing more than a cowboy hat and some strategically placed silicon.

Although the enhancements came out recently, Sterger is still reaping in the benefits, as she’s a co-host of VERSUS’ show The Daily Line. As for Sainz? The sky’s the limit, which is exactly what the TV Azteca reporter was going for, claims Sterger.

“She accomplished exactly what she set out to do, are you kidding me? Exactly what she set out to do.

“A lot of people have accused me in previous years of doing similar things and setting women in sports back,” she added. “I get what they’re saying, but I’ve always maintained the fact that I realize I was discovered for the way I look and how I was dressed. Have I changed that since? Have I tried to rectify that since? Of course, especially in the past year. I think I’ve more than made it clear that I don’t want to be seen in this way anymore.”

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Jenn Sterger on Ines Sainz: 'She Accomplished Exactly What She Set Out to Do'
Jenn Sterger on Ines Sainz: 'She Accomplished Exactly What She Set Out to Do'

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Mike Lowell doesn’t make the Red Sox Hall of Fame, obviously their
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an has done his best to help the team win. I do remember the standing
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