Joakim Noah Takes Subpar Golf Fashion Tips From John Daly

by abournenesn

September 2, 2010

Joakim Noah Takes Subpar Golf Fashion Tips From John Daly Some things just aren’t meant to be — like the Buffalo Bills winning a Super Bowl, the cast of Jersey Shore getting real jobs, the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series, or Joakim Noah playing golf.

However, the scruffy Bulls’ forward-center was spotted at the White Pines Golf Club on Monday alongside a plethora of Bulls including Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc, Jay Williams, Gar Forman, Tom Thibodeau, Benny the Bull and the Luvabulls.

Noah, perhaps still buzzing from a recent purchase he made, was dressed to the nines for the outing. The former Gator has won more enemies in his first three seasons in the NBA than Rasheed Wallace did in his entire career, and after this ensemble, will likely gain plenty more from both the golf and fashion worlds.

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Joakim Noah Takes Subpar Golf Fashion Tips From John Daly

Quote of the Day

“I was trying to find him in the dugout and I saw him looking away. Mark [Reynolds] and Augie [Ojeda] were dying laughing. It was funny. I was completely caught off guard.”
Kelly Johnson, referring to teammate Adam LaRoche‘s prank, in which he had “It’s Raining Men” played while Johnson approached the plate for a recent at-bat

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Cue the Jeopardy music, Bruins fans, and leave your answers below.

“Sturm has a no trade clause.
Sometimes I think there should be a test for Briuns fans:
1. Who on the team has a NTC?
2. How do you pronounce “Lucic”?
3. Who wears the “A”s?”

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Isn’t a good Lady Gaga impersonation a bad thing?

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