Mets in Search of Improved Pitching, Stability Following Another Unsuccessful Season


Florida Marlins rookie Gaby Sanchez put the New York Mets to sleep Tuesday night with a three-run homer in the bottom of the eighth inning.

The 5-2 Marlins win eliminated the Mets from postseason contention for the fourth straight season. Although it was a foregone conclusion that the Mets would be sitting home this postseason, Tuesday night?s game was a hard-fought battle.

Mets starter Mike Pelfrey pitched seven innings allowing two runs, one of which was earned, and five hits. He did manage to get four strikeouts before left-handed relief pitcher Pedro Feliciano took the mound.

For next year, Mets general manager Omar Minaya — who may or may not have a job after this season — needs to push a few buttons and get a few players. The Mets are ending this season with nine players on the disabled list, six of which are pitchers. This put the biggest damper on the team this year. With a pitching rotation that is constantly changing, it makes it tough for healthy pitchers to get in a groove.

The Mets have had some trouble in the past few years and now that manager Jerry Manuel is likely gone after this season, it makes it even more difficult to get situated.

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