Philadelphia Daily News Deserves Criticism For Michael Vick’s ‘Top Dog’ Headline


Philadelphia Daily News Deserves Criticism For Michael Vick's 'Top Dog' Headline Everyone knows what Michael Vick did. But media outlets continue to  jump at the chance to bring it up as new news.

The Philadelphia Daily News did exactly that on Wednesday with their "Top Dog" headline on the cover of the sports section, and although the joke was almost too obvious to not pull off — and they generated the desired buzz from making the stab — it really was a low, unnecessary blow.

At their best, sports teams are institutions capable of generating incredible unity. You don't need the World Cup or Olympics to remind you of that. At any stadium in any country, all sorts of people who believe all sorts of different things come together for a common purpose — to support their team. It's really quite special.

Vick's return to the NFL in Philadelphia last season was surely a divisive issue in the city. It created a lot hostility and controversy and brought negativity to Eagles' fandom.

This year, things miraculously have had a chance to be different. With Donovan McNabb gone and the expectations for the team diminished, Vick has stepped in and played some incredible football.

His play has given the team and fans hope, and Andy Reid aptly made the decision to retain him as the starter.

So why continue to bring up Vick's past, when the story can be a positive one — one about the redemption of a man who has grown from his sordid past?

You don't see Pittsburgh newspapers cracking jokes about Ben Roethlisberger sexually assaulting women, when that's realistically a much more serious offense. It's just not proper — even if it's true.

Vick is earning his chance to change his story with his play. The Philadelphia Daily News should give him that chance.

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Philadelphia Daily News Deserves Criticism For Michael Vick's 'Top Dog' Headline

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